Aikido is a modern Japanese martial arts system.  However, the roots of Aikido can be found deeply embedded in classical martial traditions such as, kenjustsu (sword arts), jojutsu (stick arts), and jujutsu (flexible/body arts).  Aikido is a derivative of these arts, which were prolific during the extended periods of civil unrest, in the feudal period of Japanese history.

Aikido may be defined as the "way of harmonizing universal energy".  This is achieved by the mastery of the Three Fundamentals, symbolized by the triangle, circle, and square.  The triangle represents ki flow, and the principle of "entering".  The circle represents liquidity, and the principle of "blending". The square represents solidity, and the principle of "control".

The movements of Aikido are facilitated by the power generated in the hips, lower abdomen, and legs.  Upper body strength, and power are considered to be secondary in the practice of Aikido techniques.  Once mastered and internalized, the principles and techniques of Aikido, easily allow a smaller force to control a much larger force.

By training in Aikido with the proper level of commitment, one may easily expect certain rewards to be forthcoming.  Improved coordination, posture, ambidexterity, awareness, motor skills, to mention a few.
With constant study and practice of Aikido one learns to remain calm in the midst of chaos, while recognizing and reconciling a potential conflict before it escalates to produce disastrous results.