Camp North

Camp North, Ft. Jones, California is a special AJJF event with outdoor and indoor training, inspiring social comradre, great home-cooked food, and relaxation in a magnificent natural setting.

Entrance to Camp North at Sis-Q Ranch, Ft Jones, CA.

Camp site at Sis-Q Ranch. Cabins are also available.

Raising tents is a community effort - Hawaiian Kokua.

Indoor training.

Outdoor training on canvas and grass.

There's plenty of time for informal training as well.

And after a hard workout the country style home cooking is awesome!

Lots of time for relaxing and socializing.

And moments of peaceful, private meditation.

This is but a small sampling of the many wonderful training events sponsored by the AJJF from the hard core Black Belt Convention to exploring the deeper insights of martial arts at Camp North and Camp South.