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About Honshin Kan

Honshin Kan provides training in various Japanese martial arts, including Danzan Ryu Jujitsu, Aikido, Judo and Katori.  Danzan Ryu Jujutsu empahsizes Kokua, reflecting the close family ties of the Hawaiian culture.  By forming cooperative and trusting relationships, with the more experienced students helping the newer students, all may benefit in the development of character and respect that leads us to more profound experiences in personal development.

The philosophical foundation of Honshin Kan is from the principles expressed by Professor Henry Okazaki in The Esoteric Prinicples.  Honshin Kan means the School (Kan) of Original Mind, the True Spirit (Honshin).  This real mind of Honshin is your true natural self.  The true self moves naturally, automatically, without thinking, in the moment, without regard to concerns of life and death.   These philosophical underpinnings are expressed through Danzan Ryu martial and healing arts--the Kappo and Sappo.

The symbol for Honshin Kan is the lotus flower.  The lotus is unique because it drops to the mud each night, flowering clean the following day.   As Professor Okazaki tells us in the Esoteric Principles: For the lotus flower to fall is to rise to the surface.  By "letting go" of our preconceptions and prejudices we, like the lotus, can lift from the "mud" of years of austere training and rise to the surface to bloom anew, revealing our Honshin, our true, complete, inner nature.

Honshin Kan was founded nearly thirty years ago by Professor Robert Hudson, 9th Dan.  The current school head is Sensei Mark Roberts, 4th Dan.

Safety is a primary concern at Honshin Kan. All classes are directed by qualified instructors.
Honshin Kan is an active member of the American Judo and Jujitsu Federation in good standing.