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Origins of Honshin Kan

Honshin Kan Martial Arts was founded in 1988 by Professor Robert Hudson, Kudan (9th degree).  After nearly thirty years, the underlying philosophy of Honshin Kan, which began here with Professor Hudson, lives on.  His insight to the principles of Yawara are keys to understanding Danzan Ryu, as is his instruction on Sutemi.  His principles are carried forward by our current school head, Mark Roberts, Yodan (4th degree). 

But, what guides training at Honshin Kan it is best summarized by Professor Hudson's words, written years ago:

"When you first walk into a Jujitsu Dojo, you see people performing an art that is very foreign to the western eye. This is because its history is Japanese and its evolution is based on Japanese type warfare. In many ways, it doesn’t seem to have a practical relationship to self-defense either, but rest assured it does.

The founder of this system, Seishiro Okazaki, based his system on a particular principle. This is a principle called Kokua, which means to cooperate and help one another. This principle makes our system of Jujitsu, in particular, stand out and makes it a very desirable one as well. This principle or attitude comes to be understood through discipline and hardship.

Present day Budo (martial ways) seeks a real peace and proves the spirit of mutual welfare. In the mind of the Japanese, this knowledge is earned through a process of severe hardship and great effort bring great joy and cherished human relationships. This is the world of Budo and Jujitsu.

These principles are in this Jujitsu Dojo. You have a financial commitment. But money is not the real cost for understanding the way of Jujitsu. Rather, it is the duty of each student to accept the hardships of the practices you’ll be learning here. And, you must view these hardships as special rights given to each student. The arts of Jujitsu are earned, not given.

Approach your Dojo with the understanding that only through study and practice will the arts prove themselves to be effective. You must always desire to develop mind and body by not neglecting daily practice of the art, whether at the school or elsewhere. Apply the principles."

Professor Robert C. Hudson is currently a Kudan (9th degree black belt) in Danzan Ryu Jujitsu with the American Judo and JuJitsu Federation (AJJF). He also holds the distinct title of Shihan from Professor Sig Kufferath's Okugi class.  Professor Hudson is a founding member of the AJJF Okazaki Restorative Massage Program (now known as the Danzan Ryu Seifukujitsu Institute). He currently runs a multi-level Seifukujitsu Course year round with many of his graduates going on to become professional massage therapists.