Athletic Taping

Learn and practice AJJF accepted taping techniques & basic trauma management for the dojo. The course material will cover basic taping techniques of different joints, some basic anatomy, and will include basic information on managing injuries in the dojo. The AJJF Taping Manual is available and includes most of the information included in the course.

Clinic participants may choose to take the taping exam at the end of the clinic. This is completely optional, but successful completion of the exam will satisfy the taping requirement for black belt exams for one year. We recommend that those who would like to take their exam at the clinic try to practice taping techniques ahead of time. While certainly possible, it is not always easy to learn new techniques and pass a final exam all on the same day. Those with little prior taping experience are encouraged to continue to sharpen their skills at the dojo after taking the taping clinic. They can then take their taping exam at another clinic or at any AJJF sanctioned event where there is a taping examiner available to administer the exam. Participants are reminded that attendance at a taping clinic is not required to take an AJJF Black Belt Examination.

Successful completion of the Taping Clinic may also be counted as a mat activity for the purpose of AJJF Black Belt examinations. Be sure to bring your budo pass or activity sheet and obtain an instructor's signature at the class.