Jujitsu Curriculum

Danzan Ryu Curriculum is divided into three levels: Shoden, Chuden, and Okuden.
Danzan Ryu Jujitsu as practiced in Honshin Kan Martial Arts is divided into six courses and reference by the Kyu ranks, followed by five advanced courses referenced by the Dan ranks.
Kyu Ranks
  Dan Ranks
Rokkyu White Belt
Shodan 1st Degree Black Belt
Gokyu Blue Belt
Nidan 2nd Degree Black Belt
Yonkyu Green Belt
Sandan 3rd Degree Black Belt
Sankyu 3rd Degree Brown Belt
Yodan 4th Degree Black Belt
Nikyu 2nd Degree Brown Belt
Godan 5th Degree Black Belt
Ikkyu 1st Degree Brown Belt

Within the AJJF there are ten levels of Dan rank. The first five Dan ranks relate to learning the Okuden curriculum. The sixth through ninth relate to Senior Instructor and Professor ranks of the AJJF. The tenth dan refers to the Senior Professor of the AJJF.

The Shoden (Beginning Transmission) breaks jujitsu down to its core building blocks.  Principles such as kuzushi (off balancing of an opponent), tsukuri ("fitting in"), and kake (execution of the technique) are taught at the Shoden level. The Shoden curriculum is comprised of the Rokkyu, Gokyu and Yonkyu courses.

An excellent description of Shoden, written by Professor Dennis Estes, can be found here: Shoden - Beginning Teachings.

The Chuden (Middle Transmission) brings the basic principles learned in the Shoden together. Among other things the Chuden explores transitions, counters, and introduces the concept of Kiai. The Chuden curiculum is comprised of the Sankyu and Nikyu courses.

More information on Chuden can be found at the following link: Chuden - Intermediate Teachings.

The Okuden (Deeper Transmission) is the black belt course and focuses on more advanced techniques and esoteric principles. The Okuden curriculum includes the Ikkyu course.

More information on Okuden can be found at the following link: Okuden - Deep Teachings.