Course 1 - Rokkyu

Students are expected to:

  • Become familiar with Professor Okazaki's Esoteric Prinicples;
  • Practice proper Dojo etiquette;
  • Know the Dojo lineage;
  • Participate in workouts with a spirit of  kokua - Mutual assistance, respect and welfare;
  • Always perform techniques with safety in mind;
  • Keep an up-to-date notebook of techniques you have learned;
  • Know that consistent training is the key to a prosperous jujitsu practice;
  • Know that the highest function of your jujitsu practice is the perfection of character;
  • Perform the listed techniques safely, effectively, and efficiently;

White Belts are responsible for the following arts and performance level:


Nage Rolls and Falls
1. Katate Hazushi Ichi
Single Hand Escape One
11. Ryote Tori
Double Hand Hold
1. Deashi Harai
Advanced foot sweep
Forward Roll
2. Katate Hazushi Ni
Single Hand Escape Two
12. Tekubi Tori Ichi
Wrist Hold One
4. Soto Gama
Outside Sickle
Backwards Roll
3. Ryote Hazushi
Double Hand Escape
13. Tekubi Tori Ni
Wrist Hold One
8. Ogoshi
Major Hip
Back Fall
4. Morote Hazushi
Two Hands on One Escape
14. Imon Tori
Lapel Crossing Hold
12. Seoi Goshi
Back Carry Hip
Face Fall
5. Yubi Tori Hazushi
Finger Hold Escape
15. Ryoeri Tori
Double Lapel Hold
17. Makikomi
Winding Into
Side Fall
6. Momiji Hazushi
Red Maple Leaf Escape
16. Akushu Kote Tori
Hand Grip Forearm Hold
  Flat Fall
7. Ryoeri Hazushi
Double Lapel Escape
17. Akushu Ude Tori
Hand Grip Arm Hold
  Bridge Fall
8. Yubi Tori
Finger Hold
18. Akushu Kotemaki Tori
Hand Grip Forearm Winding Hold
9. Moro Yubi Tori
Multiple Finger Hold
19. Kubi Nuki Shime
Neck Withdrawal Constriction
10. Katate Tori
Single Hand Hold
20. Hagai Shime
Wing Pinion Constriction