Junior Program

Developing Self Confidence

The juniors program at the Honshin Kan Martial Arts is designed for the student ranging from 7 to 15 years old. The curriculum has been modified to suit the younger age group, while still providing valuable lessons in respect, sportsmanship, self discipline, focus and attention, balance and centered-ness, confidence, safety in athletic activity, muscular and skeletal strength, physical skills, and self-defense. Especially important at that age is the development of their self-confidence balanced by leaning respect for others.

Developing Mind-Body Integration

The senseis of the junior course are deeply interested in how the training can enhance the students daily life as a natural occurrence. We hear from the juniors of how they avoided or disengaged from a conflict. Most of all we frequently learn how they were able to take a accidental fall to the ground from from a bicycle or down the stairs or in so many daily circumstances. They always report how the training in "rolls and falls" have conditioned their mind and body to automatically respond in a way to safely land without injury.

Developing Self Control

Young students at Honshin Kan will learn the self-defense arts of Danzan Ryu Jujitsu with members of their peer group under the watchful eye of a trained black belt instructor. Engagement and fun are an important focus of the class. Students will learn how to reach beyond their perceived limitations, and how to control their
own mind and body, as well as the bodies of their classmates. Students are encouraged to progress at their own pace, so that learning is natural rather than forced.

Achieving Goals

The junior belt system contains two levels of white belt, two levels of yellow belt, two levels of orange belt and finally purple belt. As a teenager the purple belt transfers to the adult class as a green belt (third level in adult belt ranks). Promotions are based on sensei’s judgment of merit, what is best for the student’s progress and best for the overall class progress.

Learning Mutual Respect and Safety

Safety is of the utmost importance at Honshin Kan. Martial Arts training has the potential of harming another person. Juniors are taught explicitly how to protect themselves from injury, respect for the safety of their partner, and to never use their skills except in self-defense. This is a key point in the Juniors curriculum, and one that cannot be overstressed. The first objective of self defense is to avoid or de-escalate a conflict. Even so, the Juniors classes are designed to let the student have fun, be physically active, and learn.

Class Structure for New Students

New students begin their training as a White Belt, and are integrated directly into the current ongoing class-there is no special entry-level class. Rather, new students are immediately provided individual training. Under the guidance of an adult instructor a senior student will teach the new student "rolls and falls" focused on safety and immediate development of their self confidence in the new environment. The student will also be rapidly integrated into the group class activity, fostering their sense of belonging in the group.

Class Schedule

Juniors classes are taught Monday and Wednesday from 5:30PM to 6:30PM. Classes are mixed rank; any student between 7 and 15 years old may attend. Younger students may be permitted in the classes on request and review of the student’s needed maturity and physical development required to practice the arts safely.