Uniform Policy

Honshin Kan Martial Arts has a general guideline for uniforms. Our stance is that the dojo is a place to work out. It is recommended that you contact an instructor if you have any questions about the uniform policy. Please note that for larger, AJJF sanctioned events, the uniform policy may be different. See the AJJF website for a complete list of policies specific to AJJF events.

Gi (Uniforms)
  • A gi should fit the wearer properly.
  • A gi should be kept clean and in a state of good repair.
  • Kyu Ranks (white and colored belts)
    White cotton gi jacket
    White cotton gi pants
  • Dan Ranks (black belts)
    White cotton gi jacket
    Black or white gi pants
Personal Hygiene
  • Proper hygiene is important for all participants on the mat.
  • Hands, feet and body should be clean before going onto the mat.
  • Finger and toenails should be kept trimmed and clean-long nails are dangerous and easily cut you or your partner when working out.
  • Head and facial hair should be properly maintained so as to not create a safety hazard on the mat.
  • Watches, earrings, necklaces and other jewelry should be removed prior to going onto the mat.
  • Safety type frames and lenses should be used if eyeglasses must be worn on the mat.

Uniform Patches - Optional
  • Uniform patches are entirely optional. Students are encouraged to have their name embroidered on their gi, as well as the AJJF and Honshin Kan school patches sewn onto the jacket. This helps create a sense of community within the dojo, and also helps identify us to other schools in larger events, such as the annual AJJF Convention.
  • Honshin Kan recommends the services of Monograms Plus for any embroidery and sewing needs. You can find them at 2790 Santa Rosa Ave, Santa Rosa, CA. Their phone number is 707-575-4050, or you can email them at info@MonogramsPlusSR.com.