How You Benefit

A principle purpose at Honshin Kan Martial Arts is to teach you to face and defeat a trained, professional fighter, armed and unarmed. Another principle purpose is to develop the relationships of your mind, body and spirit to a high level of integration and balance. However, the most important purpose is providing an environment and training in which you master your strengths and transform you weaknesses—in essence to master yourself. For only from mastery of self are you able to master others.

In order to accomplish this, you will learn joint-locking, throwing, grappling, combination arts, striking, and weapon's usage through extensive training in Danzan Ryu Jujitsu. In addition, you will receive exposure to, and instruction in, a variety of martial arts in order to provide you with opportunity to achieve yours and our purposes.

While all martial arts traditions share many common principles and practices, they each demonstrate different attitudes, philosophies and techniques; a difference in stylization, focus and intent. Ju-Jitsu is an ancient form of battle field self-defense, both unarmed and armed that has evolved into a modern, systematic approach to self-development. Its essential principle is JU, which means to yield, adapt, or be flexible, in particular under high stress circumstances.  JU-jitsu arts depend upon balance, leverage, momentum, mushin and confidence. This means that the important factors in self defense become experience, knowledge, and cunning strategy which supersede those of aggression, speed, and strength. It is a practice for any age ranging from young to ancient.