What is DZR Like?

Danzan Ryu Jujitsu is an effective system of self defense that incorporates physical and mental training within a philosophy of ethical and moral development. Danzan Ryu is the largest and most popular system of Jujitsu in the United States. It teaches throwing, grappling, choking, arm and leg locks, wrist locks, come-along techniques, as well as the typical punching and kicking and a few weapons. It is a self defense system for everyone.

But, it is much more than just a self defense system--another martial art. As Professor Don Cross has written, "While the system does provide its students with a wide array of very effective techniques of defense and offense, on a deeper level it is not about fighting and having power over others. It is actually a unique life-enhancing journey conducted within the context of close interactions and physical confrontation with others. The objective of the training is to gather those very personal insights we learn on the mat, and to direct them into new and better ways of interacting with others. Through the practice of Danzan Ryu, one learns masterful behavior, effective communication skills, advanced methods of non-violent conflict resolution, positive mental attitudes, healing arts, and a healthy perspective about life. "

Here are some popular YouTube videos that illustrate the physical aspects of Danzan Ryu Jujitsu. The demonstrations are performed by highly trained jujitsuka. You however, at the beginning will be shown how to be safe, how to strengthen you body, how to begin at the beginning--you will not be jumping into this level of performance. But, be assured, you can eventually perform at the level of these demonstrations. It simply takes showing up consistently, getting on the mat to train, train, train while following the instructions given. Do that and you will become an expert in your art. If you continue with it as a way of life you will become a master at your art. It just takes commitment and consistency. You will not be alone-we have a large community who love Danzan Ryu Jujistu and the opportunity to help others learn to love it as well.

YouTube Video

The following YouTube video illustrates a form of competition called a "Kata Contest." This competition is performed before a group of three judges. The contestants perform a series of designated arts to their best of ability, on which they are judged individually and as a team. Finally, the ending consists of a "Combative Sequence" in which the contestants must integrate a series of arts that include some of those already demonstrated, but now put into a live action stream of martial arts. Besides being a wonderful training experience the Kata Contests are magnificently fun and full of comrade.

YouTube Video

Free Style Contests consist of what the name implies. Contestants must defend against one or more attackers who deliver spontaneous attacks. Each round is one-minute in length, for three rounds total; and each round brings forth a fresh attacker! Believe it...it's exhausting and outstanding training for the "real thing."

Contests are usually sponsored by an organization, such as the AJJF. A very important aspect of the Danzan Ryu Jujistu is safety, especially in contests where the energy intensity is heightened. In AJJF we have an outstanding record of safety.

Jujitsu is a serious system of self defense that virtually anyone can learn. The best way to find out if DZR is what will serve you best in your life...is to go to a dojo and test it. Get on the mat and learn just how much more you can do then you may have thought. If you do, it will change your life.